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Did you know that after our first tournament, Seth Greenberg, former head coach at Virginia Tech and now College Gameday Analyst, retweeted our 2023 team pictures and sent us a message about Sideline Cancer and our basketball teams?


The Purple Fever Hoops #ICAN - Sideline Cancer Travel Basketball Organization is interested
in serious basketball players who are dedicated to the sport and excelling at it. Our organization
will provide premier coaching to all players, as well as also offers its teams the opportunity to
compete against the highest level of competition.


Our teams will challenge your child to
become a stronger, more skilled, and tactically sound player. Player and Team development
will be the number one priority of our organization.

Through the combination of practices, open gyms, clinics, and tournaments, each member will learn what it takes to become the best basketball player that he/she can be.  Each player's ultimate 
success through this experience will be affected by their attitude and effort.

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Founded in 2019

When this team started last year, it was a giant leap for the Sideline Cancer Brand. Even with COVID-19 shutting down tournaments, forcing cancellations, and a constantly changing schedule, we had a tremendous amount of success with our 2026 and 2023 girls’ teams during the 2020 travel basketball season.


At the beginning of August 2020, we stopped playing to allow our girls to pursue their fall sport interests. Shortly after the end of our travel season, we spoke with Cathy and Jordan Griffith, The Griffith Foundation, as well as Billy Clapper, Sideline Cancer TBT General Manager. We determined that in order to more widely spread the Sideline Cancer message, an expansion was needed. That being said, this year, we make another leap by adding 2 additional teams (2025 girls and 2024 boys).


"I have coached basketball for 24 years and have always had one goal in mind...WIN! More college coaches come to see teams that compete on the final day of the championships. That is our goal...To WIN these tournaments and compete every day. We will not stop coaching if we are up 20 or down 20. Every chance we have on the court is an opportunity to teach, and we will." 



PFH Logo.jpg
PFH Logo.jpg



March Madness


March 25-27

Wexford, PA

(All Girls teams and 2028 Boys)

LIVE! at Spooky Nook

April 22-24

Manheim, PA

(All Girls Teams)

PITT Jamfest by Hoop Group

April 22-24

Pittsburgh, PA

(Boys 2024)



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